Design Review

Bellamack Design Review Team

Bellamack is located in Palmerston; one of Darwin’s fastest growing cities and was brought to the public by one of the most respected names in residential development, Brierty pty Ltd. Brierty approached The Red Shed to take on the role as the Bellamack Architectural Review Team (BART). The Red Shed were honoured to accept the huge task, which requires them to assess and review each proposed residential design for the suburb to ensure it complies with the developers guidelines. The guidelines are essential in order to protect the character of the community and the investment of local homeowners – it guarantees that Bellamack will be well planned and attractive for all to enjoy. For more information and for all sales enquiries please visit the website below:

Breezes Muirhead Design Review Team

Breezes Muirhead is a sustainable, vibrant, family-orientated community which has been planned and built to seamlessly integrate with Darwin’s unique tropical climate. Breezes Muirhead is connected to an extensive green, open space network linking to neighbouring residential communities. The Red Shed has been working as the Design Review Team for Muirhead since 2012. For more information please visit the Breezes Muirhead website: